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Providing Stock Since 2011

Poll Fun Stock Feature: Pick an animal stock from the gallery that reflects the day (or night) that you've had! 

9 deviants said It can be one of your stock images or one by another provider.
5 deviants said Link the stock photo in the comments below! :heart:


Welcome to the July 2016 edition of the Stock and Resources Newsletter! We have many exciting things to share. Thank you once again for your submissions to the newsletter :heart:. Without them, the newsletter would be half as long :heart:


There's been a changing of the hats in the Stock and Resources gallery! Please welcome mercurycode as our newest Stock and Resources Community Volunteer! mercurycode creates gorgeous textures and bring many new ideas to the table!
Welcome mercurycode
Please join me in welcoming mercurycode to the Community Volunteer team :) She'll be helping to represent the Stock and Resources community!

Take a moment to go say hello!!! :heart:
Bring on your suggestions!As you probably know, I got swiped up by the Community Relations team a couple weeks ago and have now joined my gals CelticStrm-Stock and Cassy-Blue in the business of featuring Stock & Resources DDs :dummy: 
:faq873:This is where you come into play. You guys are our eyes & ears and might spot something we have missed. If you think a resource is DD worthy, shoot one of us a note! But hold on, fellow suggester  Police  there are a couple of things to consider first.
Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. 
Ensure the stock meets deviantART's stock image guidelines.
Choose a stock of outstanding quality, substance or originality.
If your stock & resources pick meets the DD criteria above, you're good to g
Let's Welcome Our New Stock CV!If you have not seen already, mercurycode is our newest stock CV! Moonbeam13 announced it this morning:

We are very excited to have mercurycode on the team! We look forward to seeing her daily deviation selections and working on events together! Please give her a warm welcome and check out her gorgeous textures :la: :heart:

CelticStrm-Stock has retired from being a Stock and Resources Community Volunteer! and will be missed on the team. We want to thank her for her hard work during her term as Stock and Resources community volunteer! We're sure she will continue to be involved in the stock community since she is so passionate about resources!
Thank you Celticstrm-stock!
Please join me in thanking CelticStrm-Stock for dedicating an incredible amount of time and energy while a member of the Community Volunteer team! 

Thank you for being awesome!! :heart:
A New Chapter Begins: Thank you, Everyone!!I'd like to take a moment and say thank you to Moonbeam13 for the opportunity and everyone for the love and support! Being a Stock & Resources Community Volunteer has been an amazing experience. I've enjoyed the ride and I'm looking forward to a tiny little break before I get back to stock as usual.
I've been blessed with the chance to represent and work for the gallery that I've loved for years. One of my favorite parts was getting to know the team, especially my girls ElandriaPirateLotus-Stock and Aeirmid. It was a blast working with them. There's nothing cooler than getting to know the people that you look up to as an artist and discovering wonderful friendships in the process. You are all incredible and an inspiration!
I expect great things in the future from mercurycode and Cassy-Blue The Stock & Resource gallery is fortunate indeed to have those two on the team, especially as they work closely with ErikShoemaker to create fun new
Give Celticstrm-Stock Some Love!Have you heard the news? CelticStrm-Stock has retired from being one of the stock and resources cv's. You should all give your lots of love since she has worked hard over her term to give back to the stock community through picking stellar daily deviations to sharing resources through features and running fun events and contests! We'll miss Cheryl on the community relations team!

:heart: :heart: :heart: Thank You Cheryl! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Have you heard about our joint contest with the Artisan Crafts gallery? Right now we only have 2 entries! There are two weeks remaining the contest. We hope to see more entries from you! Part one is focused on stock and the second part will be about art creation using the stock images as inspiration.
Summer Contest: Part 1Welcome to Part 1 of the Summer Contest, an joint challenge between the Artisan Craft and Stock galleries! We are very excited to bring this challenge to you and have been hammering out the organization for the past few months. Part 1 focuses on creation of stock and resources submissions. Part 2 focuses on crafting creations based off the stock submissions! We hope you will participate in both parts!
Part 1: The Challenge Themes:
We challenge you to create stock images using the following summery themes! Keep in mind your images will be used to inspire artisan craft pieces. Our themes are: BUTTERFLIES, FIREFLIES, ICE CREAM, PETS, and SUNSETS.

All stock submitted must adhere to deviantART guidelines for Stock and Resources:FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Finally we will be helping out with a contest on tutorials at projecteducate in August. Do you have art tips and tricks? This contest will be for you! Keep an eye out for more information.

Want to know more about being a community relations volunteer?  Check out this roundtable interview that tiganusi did for projecteducate. It features mercurycode's love of cats and more.
Community Relations Roundtable: Being a CVCommunity Week
Ever think about joining the communityrelations team? For this Community Week, I chased down most of the CVs and made them answer some questions about what our role is really like, what type of a commitment it requires and what type of a person it takes to fill the spot well. We apologize in advance for being so wordy, but it's a subject we're passionate about! Now sit back and enjoy the dialogue. :pringles:
Who are you? What do you do outside of DeviantArt, and what kind of art do you make?
Off DeviantArt, I'm just your average girl trying to balance everything I've got on my plate (I seem to thrive on creating work for myself). For a living, I work M-F in my family's construction business answering phones, doing secretarial work, and providing tech support throughout the day. Photography is my hobby/obsession and I mainly concentrate on portrait and fashion photography. Since my job ta


<da:thumb id="621360118"/> Birthday Stock Challenge (win points!)HELLO LOVELIES!
I am going to host a stock challenge as a little birthday gift to myself. The challenge will run from today (7/8/2016) until my birthday (8/26/2016) and results will be given the following week. There are no themes, just be sure to include one or more of the follow images from my gallery in your finished piece> (no cutting out faces of my models >_<)
PRIZES (Feel free to donate)
1st- 800 points, one month feature (with credits/link back) on my website, and an exclusive stock mashup pack- from :iconsvp-stock: 
2nd- One month feature on (with credits/link back) and three exclusive stock images- from :iconsvp-stock:
3rd-5th- One month feature on
Introducing a New Monthly Stock Use Challenge!Hey, check it out!  It's a brand new monthly stock use challenge, brought to you by Elandria, Aeirmid, and me!  The main idea is to make some art and have fun, while using previously unused stock (or stock with very few uses).  Each month will have a different theme, and we will try to make them interesting and much different than what you've seen before.
This month's theme: NOTHINGNESS
Da Roolz
Use either (or both) of the stocks below in a NEW artwork (must be submitted to DA after the start of the challenge).
Use any other legitimate stock you like. All stock used must be properly credited with a link. If the stock is your own, mention that as well. We want to be able to trace where every little thing came from!
All stock use must comply with the stockers' rules. Remember, you must also credit, even if that is not part of the stockers' rules.
The artwork must fit the theme somehow.  You may be ask
Living Multimedia Contest - CLOSED

Our theme is


Bring Multimedia to life 

in such a way that we feel
they have the ability to act like human beings or animals.

!!!!!!!!  Make us laugh! Funny and crazy artwork wanted !!!!!!!


The Unseen Stock - JulyHeart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs to spread the stock love ! (:

Catwoman 8 by MajesticStock Toil and Trouble 2 by Tris-Marie 2016-06-19 Wiz in Joes Wood 101 by skydancer-stock
He's no good for her 15 by MajesticStock Dark Reign 28 by Tris-Marie Freebooter 26 - Telescope by fuguestock Teal 10 by CathleenTarawhiti
Knight's Tournament by AskebodaStock
Sandy Cliffs by cemacStock
The Unseen Stock - June (II)Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs to spread the stock love ! (:

Black Ballerina Stock 40 by Lency28 STOCK by FrancescaAmyMaria
Mad Tea Party by PiratedPictures
female 105 by stock-katrin Stock - Steampunk looking glass smile woman by S-T-A-R-gazer Lormet-Renaissance-0922sml by Lormet-Images Light Reign 24 by Tris-Marie
DSC 0229 Moonrise At New King Barrows 4 by wintersmagicstock
Stock and Resources DD Round Up: June 2016:iconcelticstrm-stock: Features by CelticStrm-Stock

:iconcassy-blue: Features by Cassy-Blue
Tree Bark Texture by Nikulina-Helena Coloring in Grayscale - Human Skin by Jejihu Red rose by Jinialia Rundown Street Tunnel at Night by CopperSaturday Scroll making Tutorial by hawanja HOW TO MAKE YOUR ART LOOK NICE: Lighting by trisketched Free Stock: Licky Licky by Oniendra-Stocks STOCK by FrancescaAmyMaria
:iconmercurycode: Features by mercurycode
Water Stains by Saskle Forest-Stock II by Mocris Light Texture 5029 by NayrMaEye
Themed Stock Feature - Multimedia
Our new contest is running on :iconthe3-contestevents:, but sadly no entry jet.
So I thought you need some inspiration. So here it is.
Hope to see your entry soon.   Make us

The Unseen Stock - JuneHeart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs to spread the stock love ! (:

 2016-06-09 Waylah Motion Studies 17 by skydancer-stock Catwoman by MajesticStock
Not again by QueenWerandra
Medieval caracter by A1Z2E3R Beautiful Venetian Couple Stock by YvaineGlareStock Untitled by TanyaLilith black rose7 by Amliel
Stock Photo: Table Mountain by Picmotion Sunset VII by AliasElectra-stock
Stocker of the Path 17: boysposeStockers off the Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock gallery.


Stocker off the Path 18: Lency28Stockers off the Path is a feature series that showcases lesser known stockers, new stockers, stockers with unique galleries, and rising stars in the stock gallery.


SCOTLAND - a dream is coming true



Orkney --3 by goddess-fleshStock castle3 by bloodydawn
Scotland 18 by LeikyaStock
 Scottish Coastline by EveLivesey Glen Etive by StephenJohnSmith
Urquhart Castle by EveLivesey
Eilean Donan Castle 02 by cemacStock
Tag 9 (14)by Bjoern1982 scotland stock by Bjoern1982
Nature 374 Fairy Glen by Dreamcatcher-stock
Nature 378 Fairy Glen by Dreamcatcher-stock
Nature 380 Fairy Glen by Dreamcatcher-stock
Places 751 castle by Dreamcatcher-stock
Tag 8 (12)by Bjoern1982 scotland stock by Bjoern1982
Places 607 Castle Ruin by Dreamcatcher-stock


Photomanip Newsletter July 2016Hi everybody! :)
Since this month our captain ErikShoemaker is on a field trip to Australia it's become my job to bring you another issue of CRP's Newsletter. Have a fun trip Erik and we'll wait for your return!
Meanwhile, I copy/pasted a lot of your text heehee!  Woohooooo!
Contest Reminder: Deadline Extended
Don't forget that we're still runnig the Contest: The New Millennium here at CRPM and that its deadline was extended for another month. The new deadline is JULY 24th, so get PS running, you still have amost a month to make an entry!!! :heart:

Ongoing Photomanip Contests
This is a list of currently running contests that allow photomanipulation entries. Shoot us a note if you would like your contest to be included in this list! Note that the "contest" box on our profile is also regularly upda
Lenses: A PrimerPhotography Week
If you own a camera, you own a lens. (If you own a pinhole camera, be quiet.) Whether it comes off your camera or doesn't, zooms or has a fixed focal length, has glass elements or plastic - the lens and sensor are the most important elements of your camera set-up.
But don't tell that to your tripod head and hotshoe.
One of the most common gear-related questions we see in the Photography Forum and :#photographers: chat is, "What lens do I need to shoot [image X]?" You'd think it's an easy one to answer, but it really isn't. Today I'm going to try to explain the various things that make a lens good, and go over some of the more common lens types and their applications.
Consider yourselves warned: This will be dry at times. This will read like a physics textbook at times. It may cause uncontrollable bowel movements, I don't know, maybe you have some psychological co
Lightroom Tips and TricksPhotography Week
Today I'll be showing you some tips and tricks for Lightroom 5 that I've come to use often over the past few years of using the program.  Even though I'm using Lightroom 5, these tips and tricks might still be helpful for you in past versions of the program as well as newer versions (the modules and buttons will likely be switched around a bit though). I am mostly a portrait photographer, but these tips and tricks can easily be adapted and used with any subject your lens captures.  I prefer using RAW formatted files in Lightroom for the best quality.
Color Toning
No matter what you refer to it as: color toning, color grading, split-toning, etc, working with the colors in your photograph is very useful in order to create or enhance the atmosphere of your image.  This can be done a few different convenient ways in Lightroom and the final results might really surprise you!  
After initial adjustments to the exposure, con



art made with my stock:
Smelter 02 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Renshu Digital Update 2016 by Matt--Hatter Crown by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK SCORN by DrWinter


hiHi! i have some new stocks and and this amazing work was made with my stock Heart
STOCK duck by Lolita-Artz Photoshop Manipulation - The Magic Forest by Fede-Designs


BRSpidey used my background to showcase his latest paper figure
Mai Shiranui paperfigure by BRSpidey


art made with my stock
Now and Then... by raydaddy59 I'll Be Your Bright and Black . . . by Branka-Johnlockian Starmaker by Rui-Abel


Something very different is done with my stock. I think it has become really great!
Quiero olvidarte by psicomagoz
Cazadora de Brujas by psicomagoz Singularidad by psicomagoz




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