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Stock and Resources

Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you enjoy doing?

// Ah, the introduction question :) Well I live in Germany and work as stone mason / sculptor (tombstones). I enjoy listening to music, reading a nice book, programming and simply being creative. But what I enjoy most is writing (prose). I think everyone needs a big passion in life. I'm glad I found mine :)

How long have you been a member of deviantART, and what first interested you about the site?

// I had to check my account for that question. It says: "Deviant since Mar 10, 2005". That is a long time. I came here for manips. It's that simple :lol: I discovered that kind of art around 2003/2004. I came to DA via twistedrealmz, phirebrush, breed and other art collectives I discovered back then. And after being a long time only viewer I decided to register here showing my first steps in creating manips too (but I quit, so don't search for them at my account :giggle:)

What could you tell us about yourself that others might not expect about you?

// I got my first tattoo in the living room of a buddy while listening to bob marley. That buddy got the tattoo machine about 2 weeks earlier and needed some skin to practice on. I'm not sure if this is an answer you didn't expect. ^^

Do you participate in any of the other deviantART galleries? If so, what do you create?

// I'm not that "active" outside of stocks & resources :) But to answer your question: I did some CD-covers for a friend of mine and the cover for a self released novel. It's not enough for an art-account that's why I have a tiny non-stock-folder in my gallery.

What inspired you to become a stock provider?

// After I tried to do manips myself I had quite a lot of own stocks so I thought it won't be the worst idea to offer them. Maybe the reason was a part of the overall feeling inside the stock community here which is really positive and friendly. The other part was the thought: Stockers and their work are like fairies in the background, the paint on the canvas of the digital artists. They got the skills - we got the stocks. Something like that and in between :)

Where is the most interesting place that you've been to take stock photos?

// That's the hardest question of all. But having a weakness for dystopian art I'd say a small abandoned hotel. To see how nature takes back what belongs to it is very fascinating.

Have you ever had a crazy experience while photographic stock?

// It's not that crazy. A few years ago I was on a cemetery searching for sculptures to shoot. There was a squirrel following me all the time. So I put the camera on the ground using self-timer and threw a little stone in front of it (I had no food). The squirrel thought it is something to eat and run in front of the camera but then it was more interested in the camera itself and all I got was a blurry image of a squirrel looking into the lens :)

What are you working on at the moment?

// What consumes most of my spare time at the moment (about 80%) is a novel I'm working on (yes, the passion!). Besides that I'm preparing stock packs out of the shots I did during my last vacation. I also like to do some carving but unfortunately there is no time left ...

What advice would you give to artists that are just starting out as a stock provider?

// Produce stocks you might use yourself and/or which inspire you when looking at. In my opinion this is a good indicator of quality. Shoot what you like but don't forget the classics - there is always place for a nice rusty texture :lol:

Show us some of your favorite stock images from your gallery:

// I thought about it. Which number is okay and which is just outrageous? I'll take 3 so everyone can check out my gallery to see if my fav is their fav :lol:

297 - colors on the edge pack by duesterheit

292 - end of it all pack by duesterheit  286 - x-ray pack by duesterheit

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