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The Danger of Model Requests

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 3, 2013, 8:15 PM

Hiya Darlings,

So some of you may remember a while back when Elandria asked us to spread the message about what is, and is not an appropriate stock requests for model stock. Keep in mind that this applies to both female and male models. I ran across an article in the news today that made me want to bring that subject back into the spotlight.

3 Missing Colorado Women Have Online Modeling Profiles

This really disturbed me, as I know that quite a few models here on dA also have modeling profiles on ModelMayhem. The internet can be a wonderful place to gain exposure for your art and build your modeling portfolio. Unfortunately, if I may borrow a line from Melissandre, the internet is also "dark and full of terrors." There really are monsters out there, and you should always proceed with caution. Never assume that it "can't happen to you." I know that it can happen to you.

I really want you to take the time to re-read (or read it for the first time) Elandria's article on model stock requests. It's an important subject you should become very familiar with. This is not an article you should just brush off.

Stock and Resources UpdatesLETS TALK ABOUT STOCK "REQUESTS"
Every year we get excited, eager, passionate new stock providers entering our small but growing community, and every year these new stock models in particular get targeted by a small group of "requesters" Those of us who have been on the site for more than a few years recognise the types of "requests" I'm talking about and know to absolutely avoid them at all costs, but its something that I've seen more and more regularly over the last few months, and its definitely a concern.
There are standard "pose requests" that are NOT requested for the "artist" to work from.  They are simply asking you to take photos of yourself in provocative poses so they can get off to your stock.
Firstly - please keep in mind that the images you are providing to artists are STOCK ART - they are first and foremost designed to provide artists with useable, useful references, either for traditional art, or digital art or whatever media they choose to create

Depending on how well you know me, you'll know that I've been "online" since the early 90's. I've dealt with more than plenty of creeps and weirdos in online communities for 20 years. Seeing that in print makes me feel old. Really old. I was 13 when I first signed into AOL and began learning about the internet. It can be a really great place and you can meet some wonderful online friends. I consider many of you very dear friends indeed. I even met my husband online (though I did a background check and googled him a few times first.) However, you should always proceed with absolute caution. Nothing is more important than your safety. Always.

There are certain signs that predators often forget about, but you can't just rely on those signs. You should always trust your instincts. If something makes you uncomfortable about a person, listen to it. That inner voice is there for a reason.

:bulletpink: Here are a couple articles on detecting predators:

How to Tell the Difference Between an Online Predator and a Normal Person

Online “Predators” and their Victims: Myths, Realities and Implications for Prevention and Treatment

Internet Predators Target Teens with Depression, Acne and Mental Illness

Now guys, before you say "Well, I'm a dude, it can't happen to me!" Yes.. actually, it can. Those tips are just as valid for men as they are for women. It would break my heart if something happened to any one of you. I want you all to be smart, think with your head instead of your heart, and listen to your instincts.

If a photographer wants you to pose for photos, consider the following questions:

- Do they have a website?

- Is there an online portfolio of their work?

- Are there records of models they have worked with in the past? What kind of reviews do they have?

- Do they have a studio that is listed as a legitimate studio? Can you find it in the yellow pages? Does it have a street address and publicly listed phone number?

- Are they accredited/licensed etc?

- What are they wanting you to pose for? Is it actual art, or pervy stuff?

- Are they professional in their method of communication, or do they always talk about sexy feet, etc? (Note: some predators will put up a professional front to lure victims into a sense of security.)

Now, if you think a photographer might be acceptable, do a background check on them. It might sound slightly paranoid, but the information in a background check could save your life. Some states in the U.S. have public records available online for free. You can find out if they have been arrested or convicted for assault, etc. There are also full background check services online as well. If the photographer adamantly refuses to divulge information regarding their history and professional background, that should be a massive red flag.

If the photographer is here on dA, it should be relatively easy to find out what kind of person they are. The one thing I love about this place is that we band together as a community and support each other. If you have reservations about a person, ask someone about it. It's more than likely fellow community members and community leaders may know something about the person in question.

I also thoroughly believe that everyone should be well versed in self-defense tactics. These maneuvers could help save your life. Most predators want an easy target, so don't be one. Stay alert, think on your feet, and be LOUD! Draw as much attention to yourself as you can. A moving target is harder to catch.

- NEVER meet someone in a private or secluded space. Always meet in a public, well populated area.

- NEVER go alone. Bring someone you trust with you.

- NEVER give out your personal information, especially where you live and work.

- ALWAYS make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are meeting, why you are meeting them, and give them that person's contact information. It could save your life.

- NEVER go unarmed. Now, I don't mean you should pack an AK-47 in your purse, but depending on your local laws, you should at least carry an air horn or a can of pepper spray. (And ladies.. Pepper spray doesn't work if it's in the bottom of your purse!) If you're wondering what the air horn does.. well.. it makes a hell of a lot of noise. It's also a useful tool if you are being attacked. You can use it up against their ear to stun an attacker. It hurts like hell and could give you an opportunity to get away. They have mini-ones in Walmart.

Every Woman's Guide to Self Defense

The No Bull**it Guide To Self Defense For Ladies

The fact of the matter is I want each of you to be safe. If someone is communicating with you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, block them, report them to dA, and stop communicating with them entirely. If you are a teenager, I would also encourage you to speak to your parents about it. You can also express your concerns to one of our Community Volunteers and to me, especially if it is a fellow group member. I will always do whatever I can to help, even if it is just simply helping you investigate a person.  This group is part of an extended family, and you are all very dear to me.


- Cheryl

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wyldangel-stock Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Models are not the only ones who need to be careful. As a photographer I prefer to have an escort even if they just hang out in the car. It's the idea of knowing that someone you can trust is close by. Anytime you meet anyone offline for the first time you should bring someone along.
Beholdentolove Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Predators are everywhere. :x Best thing to do is ensure you do your due diligence before you go on a shoot, these days people can't even go out at night without taking someone with them or they will find themselves raped, or worse murdered. At least in my area.:-/
Elandria Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Professional General Artist
Its incredibly frightening to think that there are cases like this.

Please please please, any of you (men included - you are not immune!) Take care of yourselves and NEVER agree to travel to modelling jobs without making sure you know the person you are meeting/having full contact details, and more importantly checking their credentials with other models if they provide a list they have previously worked with (and any professional photographer should be able to provide such a list for references!!)


Simple precautions can keep you, and other models protected.
Lou-in-Canada Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013   Traditional Artist
excellent entry! :highfive:
BKennedy-Photography Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013   General Artist
Excellent journal entry and I hope it (and ^Elandria's) makes its way around dA! There are so many people (not just young folks) who are still some what naive.

You don't want to make yourself a tempting target. Don't discuss where you live (specifically), where you work, go to school, etc. If you're going to take nude photos/stock, do not dismiss your creepers! If they're putting up red flags or making comments that make you uneasy, follow your instincts. Take precautions to protect yourself - sadly, you never know who is out there and what resources they have to find you. The military calls it being situationally aware, but EVERY ONE should practice it!

As much as dA frustrates me, the artists (the people) here are important to me, and like Cheryl, it would break my heart if anything happened to any of you!
ktryon Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
WOW that is very scary!! I have some of my photography work on Model Mayhem and have some stock photography here as well . I worry because the models I use are friends and family. I have had some inappropriate remarks on DA which I have reported. But Model Mayhem is a scary place.
RockStock Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
It's totally worth contacting models that a photographer has worked with previously for recommendations and reviews :aww:
ktryon Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
Very good idea! And always bring a chaperone!!!!!
RockStocks Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
There is also the flip side associated with the internet... recently in the UK there has been a ring of peadophiles who used FaceBook to groom young girls one as young as 8.... which is horrifying. People don't seem to realise that opening yourself up to this kind of contact is such a threat especially when everyone here is an "artist". Also it is easy to form obsessional behavior on sites like this.. I often feel reticent when people fav all my work.
I seem to recall an article about stockers that stated that DA can find out where you are by your computers IP address and that's not the only way... Others have the ability to do this too! You could be talking to the guy who's parked outside your house....
MariaBeloArt Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice journal and very informative, think all models all over DA should check this out, there are more and more "porn" pictures on this site with no intention on being stock......Nude photos are not pornographic and I think there are a lot of people that don't know the difference.
EveLivesey Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Professional Photographer
Well said Cheryl - I get frightened too when I see young girls here on DA putting up naked shots and saying things like 'I like to show off my body' :(
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a very well written journal entry that will hopefully make us more aware. Thanks for the heads-up. =)
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